"Wading neck deep in a swamp, your revolver is neither use nor ornament until you have had time to clean it" Mary H. Kingsley (1897)

The Rigours Of Rest


Sleep comes easily once more.
After one week of rather restless nights, m
y internal clock has re-adapted to Indian time.

Though settling back into the gentle rhythms of life in Kerala requires little effort…

Picture taken in the Brahmin colony, Fort Cochin. 

2 responses

  1. Toffeeapple

    Good to know that your sleeping rhythm has returned. I always have trouble in sleeping when I fly east, even as close as Finland, I just can’t cope with the time difference.

    The Fauré is sublime.

    July 4, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    • It’s definitely a directional issue. I have little difficulty when travelling to Europe or the States but the return home is always problematic…

      July 4, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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