"Wading neck deep in a swamp, your revolver is neither use nor ornament until you have had time to clean it" Mary H. Kingsley (1897)


Puzzling Appetites



According to the advertising blurb:

“The new Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection is a tribute to the making of this fine chocolate gift. 
Its exotic ingredients are chosen with great love and care. 
When such a gift is given with love, the love comes back to the giver and everyone else responsible for making this chocolate.”


For my own part, I cannot help puzzling over the exact relationship between that man of mature years and the much younger recipient of his rich dry fruit collection.

Cartoon taken without permission from The New Yorker
Cadbury advertisement currently being screened across multiple Indian television channels

Maundy Matters

Alter-boys precede some of the twelve young men who wait to have their feet washed.
(Picture taken in Holy Cross Basilica, Fort Cochin)

Kerala Maundy bread, made from unleavened rice-flour flavoured with onion, garlic and salt. Before eating, it is dipped in a bowl of sweet coconut milk and jaggery sauce.
This represents the bitter-sweet nature of Maundy Thursday.
The small cross is fashioned from a Palm Sunday leaf.

Dalila came with Shaji and their sons, Fabian and Stefan, to deliver the bread she had baked for me, late on Maundy Thursday.
Anu and Stefan, can just be glimpsed in the background.


 maundy [ˈmɔːndɪ]
n pl maundies
(Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the ceremonial washing of the feet of poor persons in commemoration of Jesus’ washing of his disciples’ feet (John 13:4-34) re-enacted in some churches on Maundy Thursday
[from Old French mandé something commanded, from Latin mandatum commandment, from the words of Christ: Mandātum novum dō vōbīs A new commandment give I unto you]

(From Collins English Dictionary)

Teatime Treats


When a friend returned from a trip to Ooty I was very pleased to see him.

When he presented me with four caddies of Nigiri, single-estate teas,
I was delighted!

Weighing One’s Options


In Indian temples, one of the traditions of religious offerings involves weighing the giver.

Then donating the same weight in gifts.

This usually consists of food such as bananas, rice or other local commodities. But maharajahs would give their weight in precious gems, silver or gold.

Maybe it’s time for me to focus on my weight…


Pictures taken at Nanjangud Temple, Karnataka.