"Wading neck deep in a swamp, your revolver is neither use nor ornament until you have had time to clean it" Mary H. Kingsley (1897)


From The Rising Of The Sun To Its Setting: Part 2


Sunlight burns through the early morning mists..

Picture of early morning light taken at Kopua Monastery

From The Rising Of The Sun To Its Setting..


A certain stillness..

Picture taken shortly after sunrise at Kopua Cistercian Monastery

All At Sea: Now You See It…


..and now you don’t:




Picture of a solitary fisherman taken on Payyambalam beach, Kannur

Morning’s Mysteries

morning light (1 )-4


Picture taken outside Fort Cochin’s seminary chapel

Inaugurating Change


Whenever a new venture is about to start in Kerala, be it grand or relatively modest, an inauguration ceremony launches the project.
Whatever the religious beliefs – or lack of belief – of those involved, fruits and flowers are proffered, and an oil lamp is lit:
a remnant, perhaps, of the persistent power of apotropaic prayer.

It is a custom which unites Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains and even the Marxist Communists of this state.

Picture taken at the inauguration of a new ayurvedic centre at Tom’s Old Mansion in Fort Cochin, Kerala

Through The Watches Of The Night

mount st bernards (1 )-5


Picture taken after Compline in the Abbey Church of Mount Saint Bernard’s Trappist monastery, Leicestershire, England

To Its Setting….

mount st bernards (1 )-3


Picture taken after Vespers in the Trappist monastery of Mount Saint Bernard, Leicestershire, England

Away Days: Apotropaic Prayer


“And the darkness comprehended it not..”


(This chant sounds musically far more Orthodox than Catholic to me…)

Picture taken in Milan Cathedral

The Shade Of Breakfast

sri krishna (1 )

Today Shaji and Dalila are away at a family celebration.
Our breakfast was a café affair.

Picture taken in the Sri Krishna Café, Fort Cochin


seminary (1 )



Picture taken in Fort Cochin

Looking Back..



Picture taken in the Halebidu temple complex, Karnataka.

Time At The Temple: Part 3


Coming or going..

Picture taken in the temple at Belur, Karnataka.

Temple Time


Revisiting the temples of Halebidu.

I last visited Halebidu almost two years ago.
It is just as fascinating the second time.

Stumbling Into Light: Part 10


“Noli me tangere”

Picture taken beside the garden of Kurisumala Monastery

Stumbling Into Light: Part 7

kurisumala (1 )-21

After None light and shade

Picture of the monk’s refectory taken at Kurisumala Trappist Monastery, Kerala

Stumbling Into Light: Part 2

kurisumala (1 )

Seeking darshan.

Picture shows a group of visiting pilgrims taking refreshment in Kurisumala’s refectory

Stumbling Into Light: The Path To Kurisumala


High in the quiet hills of Kerala, is Kurisumala, India’s only Trappist Monastery.

First Light


Early morning

Picture taken shortly before six-thirty, in a Fort Cochin lane.

Night Light

night (1 )

Open-air, nighttime Mass in Fort Cochin

Lux Redux

untitled (1 )-3

A detail from yesterday’s image re-examined


“Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees.”
From Rabindranath Tagore’s Stray Birds: verse 10.



The quotation was suggested by S Etole at Just… a moment
This is the original image

Winter’s Light And Shade

untitled (1 )-2Cochin chiaroscuro.
A December evening’s sunlight and shadow.

Christmas Eve: From Darkness Into Light

SONY DSC________________

Anu makes a final inspection of the roof terrace.
Tomorrow the celebrations begin…


Morning Games

patallam (1 )-2

The games start at seven – just as soon as there’s enough light to play.

Picture taken in Fort Cochin

In The Shadow Of Prayer

patallam (1 )-3

Chapel lights and shadows

Picture taken in Fort Cochin