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Awaiting The Moment

SONY DSCTo celebrate..



Pictures taken at Fort Cochin’s New Year Carnival 

Carnival Crowds

While the New Year’s Eve beach celebrations had been attended, almost only, by men,
our New Year’s Day’s Carnival in Fort Cochin was enjoyed by everyone.

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Among those watching this spectacle were Anu, and Shaji & Dalila with their youngest son, Fabian.

Carnival Artistes

As soon as cool, early evening breezes had gently refreshed our New Year’s Day,
Fort Cochin burst into carnival mood.

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Almost all the “female” artistes on parade are local boys en travesti:
a comedic tradition even more widespread here than in Britain – which is quite an achievement!

The lady drummers were, however, the real thing


Pictures taken at the Fort Cochin New Year’s Day Carnival Parade.