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Christmas Eve: From Darkness Into Light

SONY DSC________________

Anu makes a final inspection of the roof terrace.
Tomorrow the celebrations begin…


A Malabar Lunch On Christmas Eve

For our last meal together before Christmas, Dalila had been exceedingly busy all morning.

I managed to keep my own plate down to almost reasonable proportions:
locally caught tuna curry; fish molee; prawn curry; cabbage gently fried with spice and coconut; and appams (rice-flour pancakes).
All served with fiercely spicy, mango pickle and Shaji’s home-made wine!.

But there was also chicken curry, pork vindaloo and, of course, rice.

Ours was a party of eight:
Shaji, Dalila, Anu, Robin, plus our three working painters – Justin & Paul, with today’s extra hand –
who are halfway through repainting the house, inside and out.

This special lunch was meant as a very heartfelt thank you,
to them all.



Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Christmas Cakes

Before the clock struck eight this morning,
Anu had summoned an auto-rickshaw to the house.
We were off to the local shops.

On Christmas Eve, as soon as the bakery opens, I buy Christmas cakes.
It’s a bulk purchase:
for ourselves
and for small thank-you gifts,
to the many people who, with Shaji Dalila and Anu, keep our household running smoothly throughout the year.



Pictures taken in the Muslim Bakery, Kunnumpuram, Fort Cochin.