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Time To Go Home


Our trip to Trivandrum for the Hay Literary Festival had been a great success:
A friendly and comfortable hotel; superb conference logistics; and a wonderful selection of speakers, including some of my personal heroes.
And amazingly, this wonderful fest of the English language was in Kerala,
my beloved Kerala..

Picture of our ever-smiling doorman at the Maurya Rajadhani Hotel, Trivandrum.

The Cultured Approach

Yesterday saw Anu struggling with the laces of his new shoes,

Then waiting for food with our driver,

And guests.

Today heard us musically welcomed to Trivandrum,
for three days of books, authors and poets:
The 2011 Hay  Festival in Kerala

Pictures taken from my front yard, in a roadside restaurant, and in the Kanakakunnu Palace Conference venue, Trivandrum.