"Wading neck deep in a swamp, your revolver is neither use nor ornament until you have had time to clean it" Mary H. Kingsley (1897)

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Up And Away!

Enough is enough.

rain (1 )

Today we fly.
Not very far;
Just over 550 km (350 miles) across the southern tip of the Western Ghats, Deccan Plateau and Eastern Ghats.

From the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, India’s opposite coast.

To Chennai, state capital of Tamil Nadu, and the Madras of former times.

A friend has an installation on show in the city.


And I need to get out of my house!

The weather forecast mentions more rain in Chennai.

Not to worry:
I must learn not to fret over that which I cannot control.

Picture of a puddled lane taken in Fort Cochin.

In Hiding


The rain stops and the sun appears.
But our chickens are skeptics.
They remain under shelter in what’s left of the yard.

Picture taken in our side-yard.

Reflecting On Rain



Battening Down The Hatches

SONY DSC______________________________

The roof terrace is a sorry sight.

Since my return to India the rain has barely ceased.
This was something of a miscalculation.
I choose to visit my family in friends in Britain and America specifically during June and July for a reason:
to avoid the worst of Kerala’s monsoon.

This year, however, the rains have proved excessively heavy and markedly prolonged.
In the last few days Cochin airport has been closed for days at a time, schools sat empty, the ferry to the mainland was suspended,
and my roof-terrace became a dangerous place to visit.

As monsoon storms lashed the house, the sound if my hard-wood blinds beating against the terrace’s walls worried me during the day and kept me awake a night.

Yesterday Sebastian, my carpenter, came to fix the problem.
He and his workmate have permanently locked the lower edges of the blinds to the walls with heavy-duty fastenings.
I am not quite sure how this will affect the annual repaint. At that stage we might have to think again.
But sleep came more easily last night.


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The expression “batten down the hatches”  probably originated in 1867
Pictures taken on my roof terrace.

Morning Moments… Part Four

A chance of scattered showers…


Picture taken in Fort Cochin,

Monsoon Reflections

Palm fronds reflected in a street puddle.


Picture taken in Fort Cochin

Between The Showers

Morning errands can now be started.



Pictures taken in Fort Cochin.

Monsoon Intermission

The rain subdues into gentle drips


Picture taken early this morning in Fort Cochin

Braving The Monsoon


Monsoon Reflections

A monsoon-battered bloom floats on the road.



Picture taken outside my house.

Monsoon Confessions



Picture taken in the Holy Cross Basilica, Fort Cochin

Late Harvest

Last week we picked the last of the mangos from my yard.
These stragglers were still not yet ripe but they faced rotting if left on the tree.
And, sure enough, yesterday the monsoon arrived in earnest.


Seasonal Work

The umbrella repair man

is very much in demand, just now.

Pictures taken in Thoppumpady, Kerala.

Bringing In The Sheaves

The combination of poorly maintained roads
and prolonged rain 

Does little to make harvesting any easier

 For India’s faceless army of labourers.

Pictures taken in Cochin.



As the monsoon continues to fall on the Malabar coast,
There is just the one option:

Picture taken while the rain falls in Palace Road, Cochin.