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The Rhythms Of Sunday

Not a Hindu celebration,
but a Christian festival.



Picture of St Jude’s chapel taken in Pattalam, Fort Cochin

Lost Causes


I pass this chapel several times a week
And have done so for almost three years.

But only recently has it struck me that invariably people sit silently beside its entrance,
Something not seen outside of other chapels. 


Those who usually pass their hours here are women of a certain age.
Women wearing white saris:
The statement of widowhood.

Occasionally elderly men will join them,
At a distance.

The chapel is dedicated to St Jude, patron saint of lost causes.
Boldly written across its façade are the words:

“In confidence we invoke thee
Helper in difficult cases”

St Jude’s provides sanctuary perhaps,
To those who fear the utter loneliness of despair.